I wanna fly fly fly freely. Fly fly fly with all my might Unfold your hidden dream Fly fly fly up to the sky. Fly fly even fly higher Don’t speak slowly, we have to speak louder of our dreams

my bias list ^_*

Kim Kyu Jong will be always my no.1 bias ..miss your lovely smile ..I’ll wait you forever :)..stay happy ^^

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OMG i really can’t believe:(((

kyu jong …triples and thankyu will always support you  and wait for you forever

be strong

we will miss you so much


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Happy Birthday Kyu Jong

I wish you all the best
I wish you good health and happiness in life.
and all of your wishes come true - today and always.
Stay happy all the time.

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What If Kim Hyung Jun being a leader?

What If Park Jung Min being a Shy Prince?

What If Kyu Jong being the Sexy Charisma?

What If Young Saeng being the Eternal Center

What If Hyun Joong being a Maknae?

Nothing’s Impossible.


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