I wanna fly fly fly freely. Fly fly fly with all my might Unfold your hidden dream Fly fly fly up to the sky. Fly fly even fly higher Don’t speak slowly, we have to speak louder of our dreams

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Your 26th gif is how you feel right now:



 Your 3rd gif is what you’re doing right now:


 Your 16th gif is what you’re thinking right now:


 Your 37th gif is what you want to do tomorrow:


play with eli hahahahahah

 Your 45th gif is how you will act at age 70:


 Your 7th gif is what you want to do when someone hurts you:


 Your 31st gif is how you will be in 10 years:


Your 78th gif is what you  will do with a lot money:


*be bad*

 Your 83 gif is what you want to do in 12 years:


 *try to communicate with ailens hahahahah *

 Your 62nd gif is what the people thinks of you:


 Your 19th gif is what you think of the people:


 Your 57th gif is what you think of your results:


Pick 5 of your favourite K Pop Groups (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them:
1. ss501 2.big bang 3. Girls’ Generation 4. ukiss 5. mblaq

Who is your favourite person from #2: gd

Who is your least favorite from #1: NONE!
What is your favorite song from #4: tick tack
What is your favorite era from #5: stay era
What is your favorite OTP from #3: yoona yuri
What your least favorite OTP from #2:ـــ
How long have you been a fan of #1: almost 2 years
Bias in #5: mir

Favorite music video in group #4:tick tack
How did you find out about #3: from tv *gee mv*
Favorite thing about group 4: everythig
Most played song on your cellphone/ Ipod from group #2: love song

Rank favorite to least from #1, #2, #5:  #1, #5 and then #2

Which have you seen more variety shows from #1, #3:#1 
If you could be anyone from #4 who would you be?: kevin he’s so cute

image*gif not mine*
Who do [would?] you hang out the most with in #5: joon

What would you change about #3:Nothing.
Random quote or saying from someone in group #1:
((so I can believe I’m not alone
and I can feel it I’m not alone))
Would a collab with #2 and #5 work?: between big bang and mblaq? That Would Be Cool
Who would you want to meet the most in #3: All of them *_^

If you had to choose between seeing #4 or #2 who would you choose?: #2

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