I wanna fly fly fly freely. Fly fly fly with all my might Unfold your hidden dream Fly fly fly up to the sky. Fly fly even fly higher Don’t speak slowly, we have to speak louder of our dreams
"I watched TV with my mom and ....~ birthday song *music* ~"
- Me :
~singing~saengil chukha hamnida saengil chukha hamnida
- Mom :
Are you okay sweetie?
- Me :
- Me:
yes .

June 30th — and with 3 notes

Kpop challenge

#Use every 2nd GIF

This is you:


These are you best friends:

This is your parents:

This is how strangers see you:


How you are when you’re alone:

When you’re at work/school:


you in the mornings :

true XD

you at night:

lol XD

you on Fridays:

you on the weekends:

what?!! lolXD

June 23rd — and with 3 notes
#fun #kpop 
- friend :
I have a tumblr account.
- me :
really me too!!!..
- friend :
really what's your account name? so i can follow you
- me :
oh! I have to go I'm sorry ....

April 21st — and with 6 notes

When you’re mad…